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The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Oboe Reedmaking
A Guide to the American School of Oboe Reedmaking, Vol. 1
by Ann M. Rosandich
Foreword by Eugene Izotov
The book contains illustrations and photos of the scraping, sharpening, and tying process for left- and right-handers in separate versions.

We are pleased to introduce The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Oboe Reedmaking, a reed making reference and textbook designed for those seeking to further their understanding and study of oboe reeds and reedmaking.

Oboe reeds have a reputation for being troublesome, and learning and teaching reedmaking may be equally or more challenging than the reeds themselves. Here are a few features of this unique book that may make reedmaking simpler and more enjoyable to do, learn or teach.
A section on biomechanics and reedmaking—New
Sharpening with ceramic honing rods and steel—New
Reedmaking steps not discussed or illustrated in some books
Fully illustrated with over 330 color graphics, and with 3-D effects—New
Illustrations from the perspective of the reedmaker
Instructions for both left- and right-handed reedmakers in separate versions—New
Discussion of measurement and gaging—New
Use of color to re-enforce retention and differentiation of material—New
Detail and information to interest and benefit both beginning and experienced reed makers
A lesson for non-reedmakers—New
Different presentation of some concepts found in standard texts
Material divided into manageable lessons
Suitable for use by college professor or high school teacher, class or private instruction
Heavy illustration conducive to use by the non-native English speaker—New
A lesson on gouging—New
Includes index; lists of graphics and tables; glossary of reedmaking tools, supplies and equipment; footnotes; and cross references —New