Lesson 7: Reedmaking For Non-Reedmakers

Leaking Reed

Lesson 1: Scraping And Sharpening

Scraping The Tip Of The Reed Blank—Step 3

Lesson 2: Scraping And Steeling

Thinning The Front Of The Tip

Lesson 3 : Finishing And Adjusting The Reed

Scraping The Lower Back. Collapses the reed; adds low vibrations to the crow.

Lesson 4: Tying The Reed

The Final Knots 1

Lesson 6: Gouging The Cane

Tube Cane Curvature And Reed Opening

Lesson 5: Shaping The Cane

Lesson 8: Sharpening Freehand With Benchstones

Bench Stone Sharpening —Step 3. Raise the spine’s horizontal centerline (red line) 20° from the stone and push the blade away from you.

Check The Evenness Of Gouged Cane